Why use MBK for your Office Renovation?

We don’t just sell office furniture, we are specialists in all aspects of office design and complete Renovation. From cubicle makeovers to new carpet and paint, to full interior remodels—we have your renovation needs covered!

With over 40 years of experience Contracting, and 25 Years as a specialized office space planner, designer and renovator, it makes perfect sense to benefit from our expertise by having MBK Office not only develop the plan for your office space, but also design and renovate it as well. With a friendly and professional approach, our team will work closely with you to define areas in your existing office space that could be reconfigured to maximize your office potential based on your expansion or downsizing needs.

Throughout the process, we strive to provide you with an office space that is a more efficient and attractive working environment. We’ll make sure each detail of the renovation is carefully attended to while our professional team of renovation specialists will make sure the project is successfully completed on time and on budget.


With so many things to keep in balance, why not rely someone who knows a lot about handling every aspect of your project, rather than dealing with a multitude of people that only specialize in one aspect of your project leaving you to keep everyone on track?

We can help with your Contents, Recyclable Technology, Cubicles and Desking, Files, Wire and Cable, Floorcoverings, Painting, and More!

Renovation Process—
From Simplicity to Eccentricity:

  • Paint, Carpet, Decor
  • Modular Furniture Makeovers and Modifications
  • Reception, Meeting & Boardroom Design/Redesign
  • Spacial Design/Redesign and Interior Modifications
  • Delivery & Installation
Our Contractor’s License has the following classifications:
  • B1-General Building Contractor
  • C15-Flooring and Floor Covering
  • C33-Painting and Decorating
  • C54-Tile (Ceramic and Mosaic)
  • D34-Prefabricated Equipment

Floor Coverings

MBK Office features Commercial Carpets, Vinyl Tile, Stained Concrete, and many other Flooring Options to meet your project needs with beautiful new products.

We’ll recommend the right product to support your traffic flow and budget. With many types of flooring to chose from, MBK Office will create a package to give you the highest quality and save you the most money.

paint color samples for offices

Painting Services

MBK Office offers painting services as part of the complete group of services required to complete your office makeover.

Minimize the disruption and cost of an interior paint job by scheduling it to be done in concert with your furniture and floor covering replacement. When it’s time to place your furniture, we take responsibility for your newly painted walls as well to provide you with a complete project that looks great!

If you want to customize your walls further, we also are skilled at other wallcovering options such as wallpaper and vinyl wallcovering.