Used Cubicles and Workstations

“As-Is” inventories are what we specialize in and offer our customers. By purchasing cubicles which only need minimal cleaning, we are able to deliver a high quality product, in a short amount of time, at the best possible price. As many of you know, new furniture can take over 6 weeks to deliver and will consume a huge part of your budget. All of our cubicles are installed by our expertly trained staff. With 4 contractors licenses, the MBK crew is completely capable and knowledgeable to handle any of your office needs.

Refurbished Cubicles can be made to look exactly like you want them to with New Fabrics, Laminates, and Paint, Specified by You and saving up to 50% over New Workstations!

“Blended” Stations give you the best of As-Is and Refurbished by utilizing the items that don’t need replacing, like Paint and laminate surfaces so you save even more money, (and Time), while delivering a product that looks almost new and will meet all your office needs!

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